We welcome you to Pepsico High Flyers.

A programme specially designed to give you the opportunity to showcase your talent.


Why did we use the butterfly as a symbol for Pepsico High Flyers?

The Butterfly Effect Theory suggests that the power released by one butterfly wing flap can amplify over time to eventually affect weather conditions thousands of miles away! It is thus said that just one butterfly wing flap in the Amazon can cause rain in China. The starting point of a young person’s career marks their entire professional progress. Your Initial Choices influence your Career in the Long Term.

Discover your career opportunities at Pepsico.


The programme is an interactive journey in 4 phases of development, designed to help you showcase your talent.

Pepsico High Flyers comprises the following stages:


Application – It all starts with a click:

 Apply online by uploading your CV. If we evaluate it as a great fit for PepsiCo High Flyers we will get in touch with you to request a short  description about yourself in only 100 words! 


Bootcamp - time for action:

Bootcamp is a day-long evaluation procedure that will give you the opportunity to work in teams with the other participants, get to know our Coaching team, be the lead in a video, solve puzzles and deal with difficult, real business cases. And because hard work must be rewarded, our day will end with a Party and happenings.


Now You Know Pepsico:

Through a personal development plan you will be able to receive a 2-week training course by Pepsico executives. This may sound like “one more day in class” but we will not be taking you back to the classroom! Top Pepsico executives – Industry Leaders in their sectors – will help you better understand the way a large Multinational company operates in modern times.


Pepsico Experience:

Pepsico High Flyers is designed for a specific number of participants because we want to focus as much as possible on each participant individually.The finalists selected will live the Pepsico Experience through a specially designed role. Just as any other role at Pepsico, yours will be full of experiences and on-the-job assignments, and you will get a close-up view of the Company’s culture as well as the chance to work in teams with members from all over the world. The total length of your engagement with us will be 9 months – and this is only the beginning.
Do you see yourself in Pepsico?
Pepsico in Greece is a team of approximately 1000 employees who are dedicated to the Company’s vision and values. We see each day as a new challenge, we do not deviate from our goals and we all change on a daily basis to become better. We are proud of our products and our people. Are you one of us?


What we stand for

Our Mission

Our mission is to put smiles on the faces of consumers, customers, colleagues, shareholders and communities around us, taking care of the world we all live in.

Our Vision

We envision being everyone’s favorite Food & Beverage company, providing all-day satisfaction to our consumers by offering tasty products and nutritional options through beloved brands.

Performance with Purpose

“Performance with Purpose” represents our final goal in keeping with our promise of focusing on sustainable growth while investing in a better future. To reach our destination, we focus on three key pillars:
Products – We are improving the food and beverage options we offer to our consumers, in order to respond to the need for less salt, sugar and saturated fats. We are diversifying our selection of products by enriching the range with healthier options. We are reaching societies and consumers who had not been given access to these products to date.
Planet – We are using less and less of our natural resources for our product development thus making every effort possible to respond to the environmental demands of the ever changing world around us. We are minimizing waste from our operations and products while providing access to clean water to people in need.
People – We are boosting the social and economical development of societies in which we operate. We invest in women advancement and promote ethical and safe practices within the entire scope of our operation.


At Pepsico we evaluate all candidates based on their skills and capabilities. But that is not all. Being able to contribute positively to your progress is important to us. Because every young person is unique. We are looking for young people up to 25 years of age with at least 3 years of studies in any specialty and with a passion for what they want to do. Work experience is not necessary, however excellent command of the English language is important.

All applications will be evaluated on the basis of the CV and the personal message and those that meet the requirements of Pepsico High Flyers will be invited for an interview.

Pepsico uses the most modern applicant screening methods. Through specific procedures, applicants will be given the opportunity to highlight their talent and receive feedback that will be useful in their professional steps ahead.

Bootcamp is an innovative day-long event where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate many facets of your talent. Selection of the candidates that will move on to the next stage is based on procedures, each one of which has its own value in this endeavor. All we need from you is to show us your better self!

You have reached the end – Congratulations. Regardless of the outcome of your participation, our goal is for you to acquire important experiences and to become familiar with situations that will be useful in your future career. The final selection of candidates to be employed at Pepsico is based on their overall performance during Pepsico High Flyers. In any case, the program team will provide comprehensive feedback so that you may utilize it properly.


We are certain that you have questions and that is why we have tried to provide answers to basic issues which may concern you in a few words.   However, if you have questions that you would like to discuss further, we would like to ask you to use one of the contact methods listed in the respective website section. 

What are the programme participation criteria?

We are looking for young people up to 25 years of age with at least 3 years of studies in any specialty and with a passion for what they want to do. Work experience is not necessary, however excellent command of the English language is important.

Must I have fulfilled my military obligations in order to apply?

No. The programme is addressed to young people who wish to join the labour market and build a career with us either before or after their military duty.

I think I meet some of the conditions required but not all. Should I apply?

Every case is different and it is treated as such at Pepsico. That is why we want you to contact us so we can discuss this matter together.

Do I need to prepare for the Talent Assessment?

No. The assessment does not require any preparation on your part whatsoever. The only thing we ask is for you to show us your better self so we can have the best possible impression of you.

What is the total duration of the programme in the event I am hired?

We estimate that the total duration of the programme for candidates that finish the entire programme will be close to one year.

When is the programme expected to begin?

The starting date of Pepsico High Flyers will be mid October 2017.

Where will the programme take place?

Most of the programme will take place at our brand new office facility on the 22nd km of the Athens-Lamia National Road in Agios Stefanos. It is a venue built according to the Company’s global standards for the entire Pepsico team in Greece.

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